Aloe Ferox

Known for centuries as Natures most Powerful Plant

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Aloe Ferox and:
Skin Care
Bath Care
Hair Care
Body Care
Health Care
Joint Care
Colon Cleanse

Aloe Ferox Benefits

The list of benefits of the Aloe Ferox plant are as long as your arm, here are some of the benefits we have found in using the Aloe Ferox products, both topically and orally:

Aloe Ferox is a cleansing agent for various complaints: colic, colitis, hay fever, headache, indigestion, heartburn, diabetes, spastic colon, cancer, urinary tract infections, acne, prostatitis vaginitis fistulas and inflamed cysts, hepatitis, jaundice, tonsillitis, throat infections, mouth ulcers, chronic fatigue, gingivitis, depression, bunions, corns, warts, moles, scars, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, amenorrhea, infertility caused by amenorrhea, bronchial asthma, emphysema, sinutitis, insect repellent, constipation, intestinal parasites, veterinary, psoriasis, arthritis, rheumatics,tennis elbow, osteoporosis, underactive thyriod gland, liver function, dandruff, hair loss, sunburn, x-ray -, radiation burnsand ulcers, nappy and heat rashes, chafed and chapped skin, blisters, eye infections, infections, abscesses, haemorrhoids, stretch marks, sun spots, skin cancer, liver spots, itching, insect bites, allergies, skin irritations, dermatitis, chickenpox, shingles, hives, athlete’s foot, bed sores, wet or dry lesions, chronic ulcers, varicose veins, muscle spasms, leg cramps, insomnia, and lack of energy.

The Aloe Ferox grows in only one stretch of land in South Africa, this is the only place in the world that the Aloe Ferox plant will grow (due to barometric sensitivity). The Aloe Ferox is grown naturally, harvesters use age old methods to collect the sap from the Aloe Ferox.  The Aloe Ferox has been harvested in South Africa for centuries, the ancient Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians have all used the Aloe Ferox for its healing properties.
Mahatma Ghandi also used the Aloe Ferox while living in South Africa, knowing the power of the Aloe Ferox, Ghandi would ingest the Aloe Ferox gel on a regular basis. 

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