Aloe Ferox

Known for centuries as Natures most Powerful Plant

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The African Aloe Ferox

The Aloe Ferox plants used to make Aloe Ferox health products are robust plants. Aloe Ferox plants grow wild in their natural habitat and Aloe Ferox plants DO NOT require treatment with fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides which may impact on the quality of the final product. Aloe Ferox plants might be the most powerful plant known to man, the Aloe Ferox is definitely the strongest in the Aloe family.

Scientific tests carried out on Aloe ferox and Aloe vera plants, growing side by side at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa, showed that:

  • After extraction, the juice of Aloe vera leaves decolourizes and loses viscosity much more rapidly than does the juice of Aloe Ferox. The gelly of Aloe Ferox does not require artificial stabiliza
  • Juice expressed from the whole leaves of Aloe Ferox and Aloe vera were compared for their solid content by precipitation with acetone and centrifugation. Demonstrable solids in Aloe Ferox were consistently greater in volume than those obtained from Aloe vera.
  • In comparison of unprocessed leaf juice, the amino-acid content of Aloe Ferox is at least three times greater than that of Aloe vera.

The Aloe Ferox grows in only one stretch of land in South Africa, this is the only place in the world that the Aloe Ferox plant will grow (due to barometric sensitivity). The Aloe Ferox is grown naturally, harvesters use age old methods to collect the sap from the Aloe Ferox.  The Aloe Ferox has been harvested in South Africa for centuries, the ancient Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians have all used the Aloe Ferox for its healing properties.
Mahatma Ghandi also used the Aloe Ferox while living in South Africa, knowing the power of the Aloe Ferox, Ghandi would ingest the Aloe Ferox gel on a regular basis. 

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